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September 2020

Coronavirus & The Manufacturing Industry: The Emerging Role of Security Guards

An extraordinary degree of disruption has occurred to businesses, local supply chains, and especially to the security companies in St Louis. This has adversely affected families and manufacturing industries. A host of challenges has been ushered to industrial manufacturers, especially those depending on workers whose jobs cannot be conducted remotely. This Coronavirus pandemic has financially impacted about 80% of businesses, 53% of which are in the manufacturing sector. 

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Published on: 9/28/2020 11:03

Threat and Risk Assessment for your business

Threat and risk assessment for your businessIf you own or operate a business or school, organization, residential building, retail stores, or restaurants, your focus may drift away from security. Instead, you might focus on what products are in stock, the number of customers that visit, and how to improve your business. Often the security of your business doesn’t seem to be a top priority until something happens, then it may be too late to recover from an incidents negative impact. Developing a Threat and risk assessment of your business, its property, and how to best insure the security for everyone, will allow you  to analyze any procedures or upgrades that may be required to make sure your business is secure. 

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Published on: 9/23/2020 05:30