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Our Security Services

Sentry Security Agency has been providing on-site security officers for commercial and residential customers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area for over 45 years.

All of our armed & unarmed officers are fully trained, licensed, bonded and insured. Sentry Security officers are licensed in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County.


  • Private Security Service
  • Supervised Security Officers - Routine checks 24 hours per day 7 days week.
  • 24 hour mobile patrol
  • Monitored control points-Electronic Security Officer Check In System: Monitored in real time by our UL listed central station dispatcher.
  • Alarm Response & Verification - Marked Patrol vehicle and Mobile Patrol Officer to respond to your home or business to check the validity of alarm activation prior to the police department being dispatched.    
  • Comprehensive computer generated reports showing security officer’s activity.
  • Security system consulting and design.
  • Risk and threat assessment.
  • In depth background checks.
  • Servicing numerous large and small accounts in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.  

Electronic Guard Supervision

  • 24 hr Monitoring
  • Monitored Officer check - points customized to meet your specific needs
  • Immediate Officer check - in failure reporting
  • Service and maintenance
  • All activities reported


Service Overview

Private Security Officers-Armed & Unarmed

Sentry Security Agency  has approximately 150 licensed, insured, armed and unarmed security officers; with a large percentage of our team comprised of military veterans. We believe in advance training - including a structured chain of command as well as strong core values. Our officers are easily identified by a required professional uniform and clean appearance. Every customer is important to us. Site inspections are conducted prior to new service agreements to become familiar with the layout of facilities that are in need of protection. Our staff will perform a personalized and complete security assessment to produce a customized set of post orders specific to your location. You can trust Sentry Security, to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers.

Electronic Guard Supervision

Our unique and cutting edge Electronic Guard Supervision (EGS) System gives you real time information about your security service. Want to ensure a vulnerable area on your property is being checked all throughout the night? Ever wonder if the security officer on duty is fulfilling his obligations? EGS System notifies our home office when an on-duty officer fails to report on scheduled intervals. Our 24 hour, UL listed, dispatcher advises our mobile patrol supervisor when activity ceases at any one of our patrolled locations. Immediately, the patrol supervisor responds to the current location to assess the situation. EGS System assures our customers that they are receiving complete protection. Per request, Sentry Security will provide detailed reports showing scheduled security officer patrols.

Roving Patrol

Sentry Security Agency provides 24 hour, 7 days a week, mobile patrol service. We dispatch a marked patrol vehicle to your location where a licensed and uniformed patrol officer will conduct a complete visual inspection of the property. We look for any areas that may appear to have been breached or vandalized. Our officers are prepared to stand post until an emergency contact can be notified of the current situation and the property is secured. All incidents are documented and a written report is provided for your review.

Alarm Response

Sentry Security Agency responds to commercial and residential burglar alarms. If you are looking for someone to take late night phone calls and validate alarm notifications from your current alarm company, we can provide this service for you. Has the police department stopped responding due to an excessive amount of false alarms? Sentry Security Agency will be glad to provide this service.

Security System Consulting and Design

Our sister companies, ACF Alarm and PAC Armor Security, can be your one stop solution for all your electronic security needs. Our experienced staff can design and install custom CCTV Systems, large capacity DVR Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and/or Access Control Systems. No job is too big or too small. An ACF Alarm/PAC Armor Security salesmen will be glad to sit down and discuss the best solution to meet your business or personal home security needs. Give us a call today for a no cost estimate.

Risk and Threat Assessment

In this day and age of violence and unrest Sentry Security Agency is willing and able to evaluate your business and facility for safety and security issues. Our team of assessment professionals include: a seasoned member of the SLPD intelligence division, a retired police and fire chief, member of the Governors EMS Council, plus an experienced designer and installer of numerous surveillance and outdoor detection systems. We can make this group of professionals available to you at a complementary (no fee) initial consultation session. Sentry Security will design a more effective, low cost, quality security program for your office to review. Of special interest is our production plant early warning emergency action system whereby the use of various colored horn strobe (sounding and flashing light) devices alert employees to follow your preplanned evacuation policies.

Corporate Employment Background Checks

Sentry Security Agency will provide in-depth background screenings through a division of our company known as One2Verify. Pre-employment background screening was added to the services offered by Sentry Security as a way to help its’ many corporate and private business customers hire and maintain the most qualified and safe individuals for their workforces. It is our mission to create the safest work environment for our valued customers by ensuring that the employees brought onto their premises pass a strict and thorough background screening while adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A companies number one asset is its employees and the safety of these employees is our number one concern.