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November 2022

What Is a Security Risk Assessment, and How Do You Manage It?

security threat risk assessmentSecurity ought to be a major concern in most companies. Your role is to ensure that the security risks associated with all your  processes, technology, and business activities are recognized and taken into account. There can be instances where you may be legally obligated to formally assess these security risks and follow specified guidelines to reduce them.

Published on: 11/14/2022 00:00

Primary responsibilities of a mobile patrol security officer

One who works as a mobile patrol security professional protects property, businesses, and other areas for individuals and companies. Paying close attention to details, understanding and responding to security issues is essential for this position. Professionals in roving patrol security are tasked with maintaining the well-being of the persons and assets under their care. They can protect you from vandalism, property loss, and other illegal activities.

Published on: 11/7/2022 00:00