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Private Security Officers-Armed & Unarmed

Sentry Security Agency has approximately 150 licensed, insured, armed, and unarmed security officers; with a large percentage of our team comprised of military veterans. We believe in advanced training - including a structured chain of command as well as strong core values. Our officers are easily identified by a required professional uniform and clean appearance. Every customer is important to us. Site inspections are conducted prior to new service agreements to become familiar with the layout of facilities that are in need of protection. Our staff will perform a personalized and complete security assessment to produce a customized set of post orders specific to your location. You can trust Sentry Security, to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers.


Are you willing to provide the finest protection for your company? Contact Off Duty Officers immediately for a quote. Our security experts will be on the line to address your most important security problems and concerns. We can assist you in understanding potential security issues and will offer solutions that will work with your present security plan and budget.

Do not delay if you are ready to go on the way to advanced private security for your company. Call Off Duty Officers right away.