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  • Why Do You Need An Alarm Response Security Service?

    Over the last few years, the rise in technology has made it easy to integrate complex security systems to work in unison and make your business or residential complex safer. An alarm response service is a highly effective service thatgives peace of mind knowing that someone will be responding to any detected alarm, protecting you  and your property from loss.

    Sentry Security provides a highly effective alarm response security service to its clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Our team consists of security personnel who regularly patrol around various areas of St Louis Metropolitan.

    Published on: 5/20/2021 12:00

    What is the purpose of a threat and risk assessment (TRA)?

    All-round threat and risk assessments are crucial to secure your organization. We at Sentry Security approach security from every angle to mitigate risks—from the physical to the human element.

    The success of security begins with a measurable understanding of an organization's vulnerabilities. We assist in measuring a business's strength and preparedness during compromising scenarios, from premise security to executive safety.

    Published on: 5/3/2021 12:00

    Do you know what the role and responsibilities of a roving patrol are?

    Roving officers are trained to ensure that a safe environment is maintained for your employees, clientele, or residents. They are assigned an area to patrol; their objectives are to look for unauthorized entry, suspicious or illegal activity, and note any unsafe conditions within the designated area They can assist with traffic and respond to unexpected issues or emergencies. The need for security services is growing as statistics predict the growth of jobs by 4 percent for this sector. Sentry Security has nearly 150 licensed, insured, armed, and unarmed security officers, with a large section of our team comprised of military veterans.

    Published on: 4/8/2021 00:00

    How We're Moving to a Touch Less Future: COVID-19 and Security

    electronic security services St. LouisThe year 2020 will go down in records since it changed the world as we all know it. Literally in a matter of days, the Covid-19 virus spread across international borders and forced businesses and people to isolate themselves indoors often in their homes.

    Along with it, the virus brought an added threat-security.

    Published on: 4/7/2021 03:08

    4 Reasons Why Ex- Military make the best security guards

    Why Ex- Military make the best security guardsHonestly, it's rare to witness mass shootings and terror attacks, yet; we all feel nervous at large public gatherings these days. Events like the bombing at the Ariana Grande’s concert in 2017 prove that security at any event, business building, manufacturing plants, and residential complex requires skilled professionals. All of this comes down to the simple fact that we need security services to make us feel safe and at ease. The solution?

    Published on: 3/18/2021 04:00

    How a security guard firm survives in COVID-19

    How a security guard firm survives in COVID-19Due to the uncertain factors of covid-19's particular resurgence, businesses and security guard firms have started to prepare for a slowdown. Numerous security companies know they can never be fully equipped. Like all companies, Covid-19 took security firms by surprise too. As with all businesses our main concern was in how we would deal with the new and ever-changing CDC health guidelines that were updated and often changed daily...More

    Published on: 3/5/2021 05:07

    Why Security Entrances important and how it Affects an Organization's Bottom-line?

    The bottom line of any facility's security comes down to one physical safety protocol that focuses on the wellbeing of its employees and assets; Security entrances!
    Employing sentry security services enables you to provide employees with a sense of comfort to go about their daily tasks, while simultaneously adding that extra layer of professionalism. 

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    Published on: 2/27/2021 02:48

    Importance of Military Experience in Private Security Services

    CitieImportance of Military Experience in Private Security Servicess in the United States are currently witnessing unprecedented growth in both commercial and residential sectors. Statistics also project an increase in crime rates.To ensure appropriate security is provided, private security companies in St Louis realize that hiring individuals with military experience to their workforce is not only a good idea but good for your business too. 

    Published on: 2/10/2021 09:00

    Officer of the Year for 2020

    Sentry Security Agency, Inc. would like to recognize Officer Brese Squires as Officer of the Year for 2020.

    Published on: 2/3/2021 14:43

    Why you might need a second security guard

    Employing a security company in St Louis to guard your property brings along with it peace of mind that is immediate and long-lasting. It also provides a physical and emotional assurance of protection, irrespective of your business, employees, yourself, or family. Security officers protect your assets by using their highly trained skill set during threatening and tense situations.

    Category: Latest News
    Published on: 1/19/2021 02:00