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  • How Can a Private Security Monitoring Company,Ease Your Security Problem?

    Adding a private security monitoring company is a worthwhile investment for your business or manufacturing plant facility. It is a very important step needed for the protection of  your investment. A professional and licensed security company in st louis Metropolitan Area such as Sentry Security will add a layer of protection andpresence to your property, minimizing crime and making visitors, employees, or partners feel more secure while interacting with your business.

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    Published on: 5/27/2020 02:30

    The Most Effective Private Security Tips to Prevent Theft at Your Business

    Theft at a business is one of the biggest security risks that business owners may face. Theft can  not only cause a lossfor  your business, it can also put employees and patrons in harm’s way. It does not matter if you’re a brick and mortar store or a business at temporary site or in an industrial complex. Thesecurity system should always be at the top of your priority list and included in your businessplan.It is often best to get an objectiveopinionfrom a professional who can help access  a security plan for your business and locationbefore continuing further in your business venture.

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    Published on: 5/12/2020 03:30

    Critical security steps every business should take

    Investing in security systems and preventive measures is a must for any business to maintain a strong brand. There is no discrimination in threats as all businesses can betargeted, regardless of size and location.Assaults have become common amongst new and small companies alike. Recent analysis show that, every 4 out of 10 small businesses have reported minor threats and every 2 out of 10 businesses have reported major threats.

    Published on: 3/16/2020 00:13

    Coronavirus Update: Gearing Your Security System to Bolster Business Policies

    During this pandemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, businesses and organizations are forced to take countermeasures and responses regarding operational decisions. If your business or organization has started to prepare, and deal with changes in work or patron patterns, you should consider using your security systems to reinforce preventive measures. Your organization should ensure threat mitigation policies are reflected in your security systems.

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    Published on: 3/4/2020 01:04

    Keeping your business safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

    In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, security services and security personnel are expected to keep doing their job by providing essential service to the public, while keeping safe and fighting the virus simultaneously. We at Sentry Securityhave outlineda few safetyguidelines for your office staff and security officers during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Published on: 2/19/2020 09:46

    Compelling Business Elements that confirm you need security patrol

    Roving patrol securitySustainability of growth and keeping employees, customers, and valuable assets safe from crime is integral to any business. Crime occurs even though business owners invest a huge amount of money securing the perimeter with fences and security lights. Therefore, hiring a trusted and professional security service company to protect your business from being the next victim of burglaries, theft or vandalism, is a necessary step in securing your property. How will your business benefit from a regular security patrol service?

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    Published on: 2/3/2020 05:36

    How to increase business safety with alarm response services

    Alarm response service is an intermeshed network of digital, analog, and human assistance that allows a security agency to respond and investigate triggered alarms at the location or property being monitored. This is sometimes referred to as response/call-out services, when an alarm has been triggered a call-out is given to the monitoring agency, which could be located nearby or also at a remote location away from the property.

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    Published on: 1/22/2020 07:33

    5 signs your corporate building needs a security officer

    Being a business owner and managing all the daily chores of your business and personal life is as tough as it sounds. You always want your business and your personal life to be successful as well as safe, but is it safe? Hiring a reputable and licensed security agency will help you offset the potential of losses and ensure the safety of your employees and business.

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    Published on: 1/8/2020 01:38

    High-Tech Solutions to Monitor Your Business

    High Tech Business Monitoring

    Regardless of size, all businesses require security systems. We all know that a building or a business can be secured with basic security systems. Today’s businesses require a lot more than just an alarm system to ward off internal and external threats so they can operate with complete success, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected.

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    Published on: 12/25/2019 04:00

    4 Responsibilities of a Mobile Patrol Official


    When unexpected situations occur involving intrusion and property damage from smoke, fire, water or unauthorized entry, and theft, a quick response can help mitigate damage and loss of property. Since you can’t be available everywhere and at all times through the day and night to safeguard your property/assets, hiring mobile security patrol officers will help to protect your business and its contents. You can depend on mobile patrol officers from Sentry Security to provide regular patrols around your property to help safeguard your business wherever and whenever required. Our patrol officers have the training, knowledge, and experience to respond and access the situation quickly and effectively.

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    Published on: 12/11/2019 00:00