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  • The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Your Business

    What is an Access Control System? The Advantages of Access Control Systems for Your Business

    The access control system is an electronic system designed to control specific areas of your business. It can be used to control a computers network limiting who should have access to a network. On premises,Access Control System recognizes, authenticates, and authorizes entry of a person to enter the premises, giving you greater control andprotection of entry points or specific locations within a business, ensuring that proper authorization and security are maintained within these specified areas. There are a variety of industries who can benefit from the use of access control systems:

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    Published on: 11/18/2020 02:00

    5 Prominent Qualities that Good Security Guards must have for Enhanced Business Security

    5 Prominent Qualities that Good Security Guards must have for Enhanced Business SecurityA security guard has an essential job to do, and it doesn't matter if  they work in a retail shopping mall or at a commercial business or residence. Maintaining a safe and secure environment is their primary responsibility . The best path toprovide  a safe and secure environment, is to hire highly trained and experienced security guards.

    Published on: 11/10/2020 03:00

    5 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for a Retail Business

    People from all walks of life frequently visit shopping malls and retail businesses. With constant  flow of customers and visitors, owners of retail businesses need to maintain high safety and security standards.  You also need to secure yourretail  or business from  vandalism, theft and unruly visitors.  Handling these additional tasks can place an enormous burden on managers and staff which takes away from the productivity needed to make your business successful.

    These burdens can be easily avoided if retail owners hire security guards to  help protecttheir retail business.

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    Published on: 10/22/2020 02:00

    How Mobile Patrols Can Provide a Proactive Security Solution for your business

    Security has been a significant issue for businesses where confidential data needs to be secured, and employees need a safe workspace. After all, a company is defined by its people, so its security should be a top priority. There are situations when proper trusted measures are not considered to analyze a business's security aspect until something unexpected happens. Why wait for something to happen? Choose a security firm that keeps your business running smoothly, particularly during these unprecedented times. 

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    Published on: 10/13/2020 01:27

    Coronavirus & The Manufacturing Industry: The Emerging Role of Security Guards

    An extraordinary degree of disruption has occurred to businesses, local supply chains, and especially to the security companies in St Louis. This has adversely affected families and manufacturing industries. A host of challenges has been ushered to industrial manufacturers, especially those depending on workers whose jobs cannot be conducted remotely. This Coronavirus pandemic has financially impacted about 80% of businesses, 53% of which are in the manufacturing sector. 

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    Published on: 9/28/2020 11:03

    Threat and Risk Assessment for your business

    Threat and risk assessment for your businessIf you own or operate a business or school, organization, residential building, retail stores, or restaurants, your focus may drift away from security. Instead, you might focus on what products are in stock, the number of customers that visit, and how to improve your business. Often the security of your business doesn’t seem to be a top priority until something happens, then it may be too late to recover from an incidents negative impact. Developing a Threat and risk assessment of your business, its property, and how to best insure the security for everyone, will allow you  to analyze any procedures or upgrades that may be required to make sure your business is secure. 

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    Published on: 9/23/2020 05:30

    Ways to secure your construction site and keep it safe

    One might not be able to control the weather, but you can indeed manage your workers' safety and help prevent unauthorized entry and business loss. Hiring a security service company that operates within the st louis metropolitan area can reduce  risk at  your construction site and help you concentrate more on tackling recent issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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    Published on: 8/14/2020 00:00

    How Security Companies Can Help to Enhance The Safety of Your Business

    Enhancing your business's safety by ensuring its security is up to the taskwhile also juggling essential business decisions can be very stressful for business owners. Businesses are vulnerable to criminal activity, thefts, break-ins, robberies and more; soit is crucial to ensure that your business is secure, giving employees and patronsconfidence their safety meetsyour high standards.

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    Published on: 8/5/2020 00:00

    How Roving Patrol Security Provides a Handful of Safety Benefits

    If you live in a large residential complex, are the owner of a manufacturing company, or have a business, you know the importance of security. You have enough daily items to contend with  regarding; visitors, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, or employees…. Adding additional issues due to a security lapse or security issues, threaten your peace of mind and can distract you when trying to provide forthe safety of your employees and business partners. Sentry security provides solutions for businesses, corporate buildings, residential housing complexes and others, in the form of Roving Patrol Security.

    Published on: 6/3/2020 02:00

    Securing Your Business with Access Control During the COVID-19

    In this age of COVID-19 more and more businesses face immense security challenges than before. Many businesses have had to face the problem of limiting contact with people, while other businesses have had a rise and steady influx of customers and business demands. Securing your business using smart access control during the time of this pandemic we will help you make your business and buildings more secure while you continue working through the COVID-19 pandemic, now and into the future.

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    Published on: 6/1/2020 02:00