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Risk and Threat Assessment

Today’s businesses, schools, residential buildings, and organizations face a multitude of security threats. Don’t let creating a plan to deal with these become an overwhelming burden for you or your employees.

Sentry Security’s team of assessment professionals can create a comprehensive Risk and Threat Assessment for you. Our seasoned professionals include; members of the St. Louis Police Department, officers, and intelligence division, fire chief, members of the Governors Emergency Medical Services Council, retired military, and others who have had years of training and experience which allows us to properly review your individual needs. We can also implement the use of the latest technology created by experienced designers and installers of surveillance and detection systems.

We provide a complimentary (no fee) initial consultation session from our available group of professionals which provides the peace of mind needed for you, your employees, customers, residents, students, and your community knowing that your business is using the professionals needed to develop the best plan available for your security needs which also shows your commitment and concern about everyone’s safety and well-being.

Sentry Security can customize and design an efficient, cost-effective, high-quality security program for your office to review.


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Are you ready to try out threat risk assessment services? Look no further than Sentry Security. For further information about our threat risk assessment services or to request a free quote, feel free to call or chat with us today.