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Alarm Response

Security alarm systems have become essential protection for your home or business. An alarm system with a quick response acts as a great deterrent to unauthorized activities. Today many local police departments do not have the personnel or resources to respond to unverified alarm activations, leaving that task up to the home or business owner. Sentry Security offers a variety of alarm response services that can be tailored to your needs.

We work with or can set up a Control Center which will receive the initial alarm. Once an alarm has been activated they will immediately contact the number that was predetermined and secured for your home or business in order to rule out a false alarm.

An active alarm is immediately forwarded to a dispatcher who will be in communication with the patrol for your area so they can proceed immediately to the alarm location. Upon arrival at the alarm location, the unit will notify the control center of its status and report any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area and contact local authorities if necessary.

A perimeter check of the alarm location will be done to check all points of entry; gates, doors, and windows for signs of tampering or forced entry, and to identify any suspicious activities.

The interior check can be provided allowing our security officers to access the location and disarm the alarm. While staying in close communication with dispatch they will then do an interior sweep of the area looking again for anything suspicious and investigating what may have triggered the alarm. Once completing the interior patrol, they will arm the system again and exit the interior. Do another exterior sweep and notify dispatch of the findings.

Reporting can also be provided for each incident.


Try out our alarm response services in saint louis. For further information about our threat risk assessment services, feel free to call or chat with us today.