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Electronic Guard Supervision

Our unique and cutting-edge Electronic Guard Supervision (EGS) System gives you real-time information for your security service to use, ensuring that vulnerable areas on your property are always being checked thoroughly.

Using an EGS system that is directly linked to our internal systems gives you peace of mind knowing that your security officers on duty are fulfilling their obligations. Internally linked EGS Systems notify our home office immediately when an on-duty officer fails to report on scheduled intervals.

The UL listed system runs 24 hours a day and allows our dispatcher to advise the mobile patrol supervisor of any cease-in activity at any one of our patrolled locations. Immediately, the patrol supervisor will respond to the alerted location to assess the situation.

Properly installed and monitored EGS Systems, assures that our customers are receiving complete protection. Sentry Security can provide detailed reports showing scheduled security officer patrols, playback of video monitored areas, employee verification of secure or limited access areas, and much more.


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