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How a security guard firm survives in COVID-19

How a security guard firm survives in COVID-19Due to the uncertain factors of covid-19's particular resurgence, businesses and security guard firms have started to prepare for a slowdown. Numerous security companies know they can never be fully equipped. Like all companies, Covid-19 took security firms by surprise too. As with all businesses our main concern was in how we would deal with the new and ever-changing CDC health guidelines that were updated and often changed daily...More

Published on: 5/6/2021 05:07

Importance of Military Experience in Private Security Services

CitieImportance of Military Experience in Private Security Servicess in the United States are currently witnessing unprecedented growth in both commercial and residential sectors. Statistics also project an increase in crime rates.To ensure appropriate security is provided, private security companies in St Louis realize that hiring individuals with military experience to their workforce is not only a good idea but good for your business too. 

Category: News
Published on: 4/30/2021 09:00

Why Security Entrances important and how it Affects an Organization's Bottom-line?

The bottom line of any facility's security comes down to one physical safety protocol that focuses on the wellbeing of its employees and assets; Security entrances!
Employing sentry security services enables you to provide employees with a sense of comfort to go about their daily tasks, while simultaneously adding that extra layer of professionalism. 

Category: Latest News
Published on: 4/27/2021 02:48