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April 2024

Optimizing Security: How Often Should Patrols Be Conducted?

Keeping your property secure is a top priority, but finding the right balance regarding patrol frequency can be tricky. Too little, and you risk leaving vulnerabilities exposed. Too much, and you're wasting valuable resources. So, how do you determine the optimal patrol schedule?

Published on: 4/17/2024 04:30

Understanding the Duties and Responsibilities of On-Site Security Officers

Responsibilities of On-Site Security Officers

You see them patrolling commercial properties, apartment complexes, gated communities and public venues. Security officers are stationed on-site, helping to keep people and assets safe and secure. But what exactly do these security professionals do all day? What are their core duties and responsibilities? Let's take a closer look at the important roles they play..

Published on: 4/15/2024 04:05