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July 2023

Customer Service Skills are Required for Every Security Guard Company to Succeed

Customer Service SkillsHave you ever considered what makes one security guard company better than the rest? Is it enough to be able to provide great security services? Even though that's important, there's something even more important that often gets overlooked: customer service skills. Customer service is now for more than just industries like retail and hospitality in today's competitive business world. For security guard companies to do well, they must have great customer service skills.

Published on: 7/24/2023 00:00

5 Essential Attributes of a Successful Security Guard

Attributes of a Successful Security GuardCan you imagine a world without security personnel? These dedicated individuals protect our properties, ensure public safety, and preserve order. As the first line of defense, security officers are an invaluable asset to any community or organization. But what distinguishes an outstanding security officer from a mere one?

Published on: 7/10/2023 00:00