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January 2020

How to increase business safety with alarm response services

Alarm response service is an intermeshed network of digital, analog, and human assistance that allows a security agency to respond and investigate triggered alarms at the location or property being monitored. This is sometimes referred to as response/call-out services, when an alarm has been triggered a call-out is given to the monitoring agency, which could be located nearby or also at a remote location away from the property.

Category: News
Published on: 1/22/2020 07:33

5 signs your corporate building needs a security officer

Being a business owner and managing all the daily chores of your business and personal life is as tough as it sounds. You always want your business and your personal life to be successful as well as safe, but is it safe? Hiring a reputable and licensed security agency will help you offset the potential of losses and ensure the safety of your employees and business.

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Published on: 1/8/2020 01:38