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March 2020

Critical security steps every business should take

Investing in security systems and preventive measures is a must for any business to maintain a strong brand. There is no discrimination in threats as all businesses can betargeted, regardless of size and location.Assaults have become common amongst new and small companies alike. Recent analysis show that, every 4 out of 10 small businesses have reported minor threats and every 2 out of 10 businesses have reported major threats.

Published on: 3/16/2020 00:13

Coronavirus Update: Gearing Your Security System to Bolster Business Policies

During this pandemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, businesses and organizations are forced to take countermeasures and responses regarding operational decisions. If your business or organization has started to prepare, and deal with changes in work or patron patterns, you should consider using your security systems to reinforce preventive measures. Your organization should ensure threat mitigation policies are reflected in your security systems.

Category: Latest News, News
Published on: 3/4/2020 01:04