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6 Vital Guidelines for a Safe and Effective Security Patrol

by Sentry Security - Published on 9/19/2022 00:00

When thinking about safety, there are numerous factors to consider. A security guard's primary duty is to patrol an area and investigate any suspicious activity. Roving patrol security is always on the go, so they are always on the lookout for any suspicious behavior or alterations to your property.

However, there are many guidelines that security guards must observe and tasks that must be completed to accomplish their job efficiently.

In this article, we'll talk about the things that patrolling security officers keep an eye out for.

  1. Keeping an eye out for unexpected events

Guards on patrol must keep an eye out for anything that could trigger an actual emergency. This includes but is not limited to fires, crimes in progress, and other urgent situations. The resident's safety is their responsibility, and they must be prepared to respond swiftly to any disaster.

  1. Carrying the weapons is essential.

During a security patrol, you never know when the worst situation will take a turn. It's crucial to always have your protective gear on the go in case of an unexpected attack. Make sure that any guards who are authorized or compelled to carry firearms always do so in a secure manner. If your guards are allowed or compelled to carry guns, they must always be fully operational and safe. If they are not permitted to bring firearms to work, ensure they have access to other helpful equipment.

  1. Checking for anything that can raise suspicions

Security guards on patrol need to maintain vigilance. This is because they must maintain constant awareness to spot any signs of criminal activity. An example would be keeping a look out for any bags, suitcases, or briefcases that have been abandoned or left unattended. They should be on the watch for anyone behaving strangely or attempting to blend in.

  1. Reports and Observations

Regardless of their specific duties, security guards must always be observant and able to provide thorough reports to their supervisors, law enforcement, and anybody else who has a stake in the situation. Clear, simple, and easily understood reports sent via text message, phone call, or any other medium can help keep everyone safer.

  1. Change Patrolling Routes Frequently

A security guard's shift often includes moving a fixed route and performing spot checks at specific locations. However, this increases the guard's susceptibility to being tricked or injured because their movements will be easier to anticipate.

Try to keep the guard's movements unpredictable by having them take different paths to the checkpoints they're stationed at. This will make it harder for criminals to plan their moves.

It's also a good idea to occasionally follow their footsteps backwards.

  1. Always Keep a Wary Eye Out

A security guard's duties involve keeping an eye out for potential threats and always remaining attentive and watchful. This is one of the most crucial guidelines for a night security guard since it will help them recognize when things are not right. Both people and property can be protected.

Some of the many things guards must keep an eye out for when on patrol include the following.

They must always be on the lookout for any public safety threats. For this reason, they must pay close attention to their  surroundings and immediately investigate anything that seems to be out of place.

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