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The Contribution of Security Guards & the Role They Play Today

by Sentry Security - Published on 3/14/2022 00:00

Security Guards are the ones who defend the assets of their employers, to help prevent the property from being damaged or to deter criminal behavior from occurring.

Having a security officer is crucial for a variety of reasons. One of the most dangerous occupations globally is that of a security guard. Despite the problems they face, security officers are tasked with ensuring the safety and security of everyone under their care. People, locations, and property are all under the protection of a security officer. The presence of a security officer can dissuade criminals from breaking the law. Public and private sectors,  including retail and wholesale companies, employ security guards. According to their job description, a security officer's primary responsibility is to protect individuals and property, deter or prevent CRIME.

Because of the high amount of danger involved in the security guard position, every prospective employee must take extensive training in the right tactics to deal with any situation.

Private security organizations offer most security guards dispatched based on the customer's specific requirements. Security Guards generally operate in shifts, delivering security throughout the day and night. More to their duty than merely patrolling or making rounds, they must be observant and watchful,  looking out for anything odd that can create an unsafe or undesired situation. Security guards may also be armed or unarmed, depending on the client’s needs and area's importance.

To appreciate a security guard's work, we first need to grasp how vital their duty is and what it takes to become one.

Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards:

The primary objective of a security officer is to safeguard the employer's property and personnel. These security guards are often the first line of defense for companies and residences against external threats, incursions, and vulnerabilities to the property and its occupants. Private security firm management must be aware that security guards wear multiple hats since they must accomplish several duties. While the tasks of security officers might vary depending on the company, several general obligations assist in defining their positions. 

Let us have a look at the roles that security guards are supposed to perform –


There is no room for error in the employment of security guards because so many lives may be at risk. They have a more challenging job because of this. The security personnel must be exceedingly watchful in evaluating any potential threat before it occurs. Keeping track of what a security guard is seeing and paying attention to is a crucial part of the observation, but documentation and reporting any incident quickly and effectively to the appropriate person is equally as important.

As a result, they must have a keen sense of observation and intelligence. They should be able to comprehend what they see and hear and have an excellent sense of awareness for the areas they patrol.


To deter thieves from causing any harm, security personnel must remain visible and alert. When burglars, shoplifters, or other criminals notice security guards on duty, they often become incredibly cautious or reluctant to continue their unwanted behavior. 

A security officer must be familiar with their surroundings to recognize any strange events while on duty. Security guards are more effective if they're readily visible.


Guards must be able to act to prevent crimes from occurring immediately. This security personnel is continually on the alert for any dangers. An emergency can arise at any time, endangering both life and property. As a security guard, one must be able to react quickly. In an emergency, as the Security Officer will often be the first person to respond.

There should be security professionals on hand who can calmly manage a situation and call the appropriate authorities based on specific situations. People trust security guards have been properly trained and will remain calm in all situations. 


To maintain public and property safety, security experts must communicate effectively. The regulations and procedures for entering a gated apartment complex can be communicated verbally, as can the processes for inspecting packages or materials before entering a lobby  and are also there to help respond or deliver basic first aid in an emergency. Communication also includes reporting crimes to the relevant authorities and diverting traffic as needed.

For security guards to be accepted by the public, they must have a strong sense of self-discipline and a welcoming attitude. These two personalities should be interchangeable at any moment.

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