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Who Are Security Agents

by Sentry Security - Published on 11/23/2021 00:00

Security agents guard workplaces against thieves and vandals; they are competent enough to work in retail stores to minimize shoplifting, in resorts to protect guests, or in industries that require protection. Security agents will patrol the premises or station them self near the entrance or exits to monitor the premises. 

Security agents are not bestowed with authority to make arrests; however, they can hold the criminals or thieves until the  law enforcement officials arrive. 

Security agents are tech-savvy and use the latest tools and gadgets that assist them in protecting the premises. These tools include CCTV systems, access control at entry points, handheld metal detectors, etc.

They also need to react swiftly during emergencies, keep calm under strenuous situations, pay close attention to the surroundings, and make rational decisions to protect citizens and the premises.

Security agents are often ex-military or law enforcement officers. This experience makes them the preferred choice for security agencies. 

A few skills are needed to become a security agent and take on their responsibilities—the most straightforward being excellent communication skills and good judgment. 

Below are a few of the most common responsibilities of a security agent:

Be the first response, including but not limited to medical emergencies, unauthorized entries, evacuations, or unlawful acts.

Respond to criminal activity or emergencies with appropriate efficiency and within company guidelines and procedures.

Maintain clear communication with central control while responding to emergencies.

Gather preliminary investigation as a first responder to the incident.

Other roles and responsibilities vary depending on the needs or policies of the individual business hiring security agents.

Security agents not only work in an office setting where they have to track, access, or monitor the client's premise remotely. They also have to specialize in fieldwork where they need to patrol the perimeters of the premises they are assigned to by the security agency. 

Becoming a security agent with specialized training or previous experience dealing with unique situations This experience can include law enforcement, military, first responder, or similar positions dealing with unique situations. 

The Sentry Security Agency has protected St. Louis Metropolitan for over 50 years, providing:

1.      On-Site Security Guards

The guards protect the clients' residential and commercial premises. 

2.      Uniformed Security Officers

These officers increase the safety of your premises by providing both visual presence and patrolling the premises.

3.      Electronic Guard Supervision

The premise is monitored 24x7, and you receive real-time information regarding your properties' security. 

4.      Roving Patrol 

Officers conduct a complete visual inspection of the residential or commercial premise and report any security breaches.

5.      Alarm Response

Our company responds to commercial and residential alarms and takes necessary action to encounter burglaries.

6.      Risk and Threat Assessment and Background Checks

We help design effective, cost-efficient security programs after evaluating the business and its current security system.

7.      Corporate Employment Background Checks

Sentry Security Agency conducts detailed background screening through an associate company One2Verify as a medium of helping our corporate clients hire impeccable workforces and create a safe working environment for other employees.

Help us know your requirements to offer you the best security service for your commercial and residential needs. Call us today.