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How To Choose Between Armed And Unarmed Security Guards?

by Sentry Security - Published on 11/9/2021 00:00

Business owners face different threats these days. Irrespective of the business you operate, it is essential to have a strong security plan in place. Armed and unarmed security guards are an integral part of an effective security strategy for businesses.

Security guards, both armed and unarmed, provide business owners with several benefits; this makes them an indispensable addition to security plans. So the question arises how to choose between armed and unarmed security guards?

The Difference

The difference is not just the name of that security guards are armed or unarmed. However, being unarmed, they may carry other less-lethal weapons or tools that allow them to protect the business and its assets. These weapons or devices can also include pepper spray cans, batons, or tasers. 

However, armed security guards have a license to carry and operate firearms in situations where no other means of self-defense or protection is applicable. Since armed security guards carry firearms, they receive extensive training and require multiple certifications and clearances. These security guards are required at sensitive businesses like Banks, Retail Establishments, Industrial Companies, Museums, etc.

What’s The Right Option For You

You must consider the kind of business you operate to decide whether an armed or unarmed guard is the correct choice. For example, high-risk businesses attract more crimes and are continuously targeted by criminals and thefts. Similarly, businesses like jewelry stores, medical facilities, convenience stores, and financial establishments will not find unarmed guards adequate in maintaining a secure environment for patrons, customers, and partners. 

Additionally, there are other variables relative to the business to consider when deciding between armed and unarmed security guards. For example, companies conducted in high crime rate areas, deal in pricey products, or where large amounts of cash transactions are made require armed guards to protect the building and its assets. 

Decide between armed or unarmed guards.

What are your threats?

Evaluate your business type and the threat level to it. Consider the crimes you may face, whether violent or non-violent. Once identified, consider which security guard would be best suited to guard your business. Call Sentry Security to conduct a risk and threat assessment and help you determine the best security solution for your business.

What’s your budget?

Unarmed security guards are less expensive to hire compared to armed guards. However, armed guards provide a higher level of security to your business, and the added expense could be worth it.

Sentry Security provides both armed and unarmed security guards. You should first call Sentry Security once you decide to hire security guards to protect your business. We are St Louis’ most reputed security service agency offering a wide range of security services. We provide on-site security guards for commercial and residential customers.

We understand that every business is different, and we recommend that potential clients contact us to discuss their concerns, requirements, and budgets. Contact us today at 314-867-1125 if you need more information on armed or unarmed security guards.