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Top Five key services provided by uniformed security officers

by Sentry Security - Published on 6/30/2021 00:00

Services Offeres by uniformed security officersArmed and Unarmed security officers are given a formal professional uniform which helps to clearly identify their presence and duty.

Security Services in St. Louis Metropolitan, such as Sentry Security, can provide highly trained uniformed security officers at all businesses, schools, local communities, residential complexes, and factories.

1. Sentry Security officers can help by greeting visitors entering your building, maintaining discipline, and using their expertise to resolve situations that need attention.>

2. Our officers are trained and can quickly recognize most people entering your premises; this provides your business premises with an added layer of protection.

Sentry Security clients can hire uniformed security officers to protect the below:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Real estate buildings
  • Gated communities
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail outlets
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Places of worship
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • District School
  • Colleges
  • Multinational companies

  • 3. Every officer employed by Sentry Security is trained to protect Sentry Securities clients and their assets. Sentry Securities uniformed guards stand out as top-level security providers and create an atmosphere that provides peace of mind to visitors while also adding a professional look to your business. Our officers and guards are trained professionals and possess many years of experience. Security officers wear police-like uniforms that command more respect. They provide general deterrence and also serve as witnesses to uncommon events.

    Our officers are tech-savvy and are trained to use the latest surveillance and security equipment including access control devices and CCTV surveillance systems. Similarly, uniform guards can also provide the below services.

    They are available to direct visitors to appropriate areas, monitor security systems, handle incident reports and other paperwork that your business may require. They can also accommodate some non-security-related tasks if and when needed.

    Sentry Security also provides private uniformed officers, armed and unarmed. We employ approximately 150 licensed security officers, most of whom have a military or police experience. These officers conduct inspections to become familiar with the layout of facilities that they will protect. The officers are cordial and can greet and direct visitors or customers upon their arrival.

    4. Uniformed Security Services can include roving patrol services providing 24 hours, 7 days a week mobile patrol services. The team of roving patrol officers consists of uniform patrol officers who conduct a complete visual inspection of your property. They will monitor your premises and look for any areas that could have unsecured, vandalized, or become unsafe. These offices also ensure that every incident is documented and provided clients with a detailed report for your review.

    5. Sentry Security provides alarm response services to various commercial and residential clients in St. Louis. We can set up a control center to receive an initial alarm. Once this alarm is active, the team will reach the location of the alarm, determine if the alarm is active or reset the perimeter or zone alarm and make sure the system is again working properly; this ensures your premise is secure at all times.

    Are you looking to hire a security service agency? Is your business located in St. Louis? Call Sentry Security today; we provide many security services for residential and commercial clients in St. Louis Metropolitan.