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Why Do You Need An Alarm Response Security Service?

by Sentry Security - Published on 5/20/2021 12:00

Over the last few years, the rise in technology has made it easy to integrate complex security systems to work in unison and make your business or residential complex safer. An alarm response service is a highly effective service that gives peace of mind knowing that someone will be responding to any detected alarm, protecting you and your property from loss.

Sentry Security provides a highly effective alarm response security service to its clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Our team consists of security personnel who regularly patrol around various areas of St Louis Metropolitan. Our alarm response services offer on-spot security and safety, significantly reducing the chances of robbery/vandalism or other significant incidents or accidents. If you are looking to improve the security of your residential or business complex, then you are at the right place!

In this article, we will highlight in short why you should get an alarm response service.

What is an alarm response service?

An alarm response service is a security service designed to respond to a pre-installed security alarm when it is triggered. A roving patrol around the area will reach the location and take immediate action to confirm if an alarm is active or false and take the appropriate steps to reset or secure the premises and notify any additional response teams that may be needed. This rapid alarm response considerably reduces the chances of greater damages or loss as remedies can be put in place immediately to the property security.

Why do you need an alarm response service?

A good alarm response service will considerably increase the safety of your business property. The benefits of this service include:

1. A specially trained security team

The security team assigned to respond is specially trained to mitigate unexpected circumstances. They are well equipped to deal with different scenarios. Similarly, if the alarm was triggered for other incidents such as smoke, water, fire, or other issues, the security team will assist in connecting you to the appropriate professionals in the area.

2. Creates a sense of safety

Feeling insecure within your own home or property is a feeling most owners face. An alarm response service will create a sense of safety and give you peace of mind in your workspace or residence.

3. 24x7 availability

Another advantage of an alarm response security service is its availability. Alarms are forwarded to a dispatcher who communicates with the patrol of your area, coordinating an immediate response to the alarm location. This service is available 24x7 and reduces response time, and provides quick assistance.

4. Provides protection when you are away

Monitoring your business premises/residential buildings when you are away is tough. An alarm response service can be integrated with CCTV and access control systems to monitor activity. This allows the user to call the security service provider and alert them of suspicious activity.

To set up an alarm response service at your premises, you can contact Sentry Security. Our team of experts will schedule a visit to your premise, conduct an in-depth survey, and provide you with the best solution for an alarm response security system. 

Sentry Security can also refer you to expert technicians that can service your alarm system should it be needed and they can provide you with all the product's working details, and confirm its full operational status. Upon completion of any needed service, our team can thoroughly test your system again ensuring that we will be able to quickly respond to any future alarm at your location.