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4 Reasons Why Ex- Military make the best security guards

by Sentry Security - Published on 3/18/2021 04:00

Honestly, it's rare to witness mass shootings and terror attacks, yet; we all feel nervous at large public gatherings these days. Events like the bombing at the Ariana Grande’s concert in 2017 prove that security at any event, business building, manufacturing plants, and residential complex requires skilled professionals.

All of this comes down to the simple fact that we need security services to make us feel safe and at ease.

The solution? Use ex-military personnel in security services. After leaving the armed forces, military staffs prefer taking up jobs as security guards and officers.

Let's find out why ex-military can make some of the best security guards.

1. Extensive background checks are conducted in military services.

Everyone hopes to trust a man in militarized uniform; in reality, they are no different than others in a crowd. To gain security clearance, 90% of ex-service personnel require undergoing thorough background checks.

The government keeps these records active and is easily accessible to recruiting agencies.

While these previous checks are helpful, a good, trustworthy security service company should also run their own background check before selecting a candidate for any positions.


2. Courteous and stringent all in one.

Military soldiers are trained and highly disciplined. Soldiers are also vigilant and know exactly when to act and how to conduct themselves.

In special events and crowded venues, security personnel must be discipline, alert, maintain professional conduct, and be courteous.

Giving ex-military members an advantage when the need to make quick judgments and take swift yet judicious actions arise.

3. Knowledge of how to use restraint and deescalate a situation.

Military members are trained on how to assess each situation, remove any source of conflict, so the issues can be handled timely and professionally. Their thorough training has taught them to be accountable, dependable, and credible.

These traits make a great choice to become security guards.

4. Veterans search for job stability.

We at Sentry Security are proud to provide our nation's heroes with a steady job as security officers and security guards. Veterans find such jobs familiar, and it gives them a chance to support their families with pride.

Hopefully, we have given you some of the reasons why we believe that ex-military personnel can make the best security guards. These are only a few of the positive reasons security service companies in Louis Mo. prefer hiring ex-military and veterans.

Hiring an ex-military in security services is a win-win for all. At Sentry Security, we have approximately 150 licensed, insured, armed, and unarmed security officers. Military veterans make up a substantial share of our organization.

We have protected St. Louis Metropolitan for over 50 years and specialize in on-site security for commercial and residential clients.

We are among the most reliable security companies in St. Louis mo and strive very hard to be recognized as a progressive security company.

We provide personalized and customized security detail specific to your location.

Be sure to visit our website or call us on our toll-free number 314-867-1125 to learn more.