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How a security guard firm survives in COVID-19

by Sentry Security - Published on 3/5/2021 05:07

Due to the uncertain factors of covid-19's particular resurgence, businesses and security guard firms have started to prepare for a slowdown. Numerous security companies know they can never be fully equipped. Like all companies, Covid-19 took security firms by surprise too. As with all businesses our main concern was in how we would deal with the new and ever-changing CDC health guidelines that were updated and often changed daily, leaving business owners perplexed and confused. This article will attempt to elaborate on the methods, tools, and information used by security firms in St Louis, like Sentry Security, to provide continued and top-class safety to protect our client operations during the covid-19 pandemic.

Enforcing social distancing rules without risking infections to our staff, handling individuals using minimal verbal face-to-face communications were some of the most challenging scenarios to work around. First, we provided all our staff with detailed information on the dangers of covid-19. They were instructed to follow the latest and most up-to-date information provided by the State and Federal government along with continuous information being given out by the CDC.

Secondly, we ensured all our staff is provided with appropriate safety gear. Regular training is provided to educate the officers and guards of interactions with individuals looking to taking advantage of the pandemic.

Our highly trained roving patrol security guards always had the mask on before engaging with any individuals. Similarly, we asked them to always sanitize after any of those interactions. 

Technology has proven to be a handy tool to aid our social distancing norms and security processes. Crowd control has always remained a complex process, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. We use tools that provide access control, self-check-in, and CCTV's to monitor and control the crowd remotely. Our management team is also using zoom meetings and Google meets to engage closely with each other and our clients to accomplish organizational goals and meet the needs and deadlines of our business partners.

Past business methods no longer apply. Virtual office tools are changing the way we work and conduct business. Client requirements and billings are accepted and delivered in digital formats. The pandemic has also affected the type of procured clients, with numerous companies and organization employees working remotely from home. While the requirement of guards and security staff to handle large crowds or groups of people at buildings has drastically reduced, the requirement to keep those areas safe and void of unauthorized entry has increased.

With all these factors to consider, the continued development of our contactless customer support has also evolved. Establishing long-term bonds with our current clients has always been our highest priority. Using digital tools and virtual meetings to replace any of our processes has brought us one step closer to a non-contactless business plan, the need for individual security officers is still in great demand. We hope that these unfortunate days pass by quickly so our roving patrol security and other guards can again resume their often daily interactions with our customers and their clients.

At Sentry Security, our offices get daily cleaning, with a once-a-week deep clean. We provided our officers with time to make sure all their specific questions regarding this pandemic have been answered thoroughly. If they do have any concerns we have made it a priority to get them every support to satisfy those concerns, not only for themselves but for the benefit of our customers.

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