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Officer of the Year for 2020

by Sentry Security - Published on 2/3/2021 14:43

Officer of the Year 2020

Officer Brese Squires 
Who is being recognized as Officer of the Year for 2020 
Sentry Security Agency, Inc. would like to recognize Officer Brese Squires as Officer of the Year for 2020. Brese Squires was recently awarded Officer of the Month for December 2020. Brese has been recognized by the EPC management team for excellence on many occasions for stopping ongoing theft attempts in retail area. A recent situation arose and Brese stepped in again to assist with a theft that resulted in solving a very confidential problem. Brese was also rewarded by EPC management, for his consistency and professionalism, with a large unusual increase in pay. Brese is a true leader in his profession and can be counted on during stressful times to stay calm and keep the building safe and secure. Sentry Security Agency, Inc. appreciates all your hard work and dedication. Officer Brese Squires always has an exemplary uniform, he is always on time and his dedication to his job at EPC is at a very high level. During the month of December 2020 officer Squires assisted the EPC management at the St. Charles location with a confidential investigation. He was asked to perform certain tasks and did so very tactfully. The investigation was a success. and the issue was resolved. Sentry Security and EPC management appreciates his diligence and dedication and want to thank you for a job well done.