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How Technology Is Changing the Security Guard Industry

by Sentry Security - Published on 12/18/2020 03:42

Technological innovation is rapidly changing the security guard industry. The new shift to technology is changing customer expectations and the security guard workforce. This article will help you gain valuable insights into some of the changes taking place in the security guard industry. Read on!

1. Impact on the recruitment process

Security companies in St Louis, such as Sentry Security, employ more tech-savvy staff that can adapt to change. This is because security guards at companies using the latest technology do more than simply scrutinizing areas for suspicious activities physically.  Now they have to monitor information from multiple sources being sent to their mobile devices such as live feed coming from surveillance cameras along with the ability to check access data in real-time from a central monitoring station.

Due to these tech-savvy requirements, security guards will be required to attend special training on the proper use of these technologies and how they are integrated into their daily work requirements.

 2. Use of smartphones

In the past, security guards and security personnel were not allowed to use smartphones on the job, which was considered a distraction. These days security guards spend a significant amount of time on smartphones. In fact, many security companies in St Louis give their guards smartphones to use with specific pre-installed applications that are needed for surveillance, security checkpoints, or administrative duties such as incident reporting. 

The increased usage of smart handheld devices by security personnel is directly related to the advancement of technology in the security and surveillance industry that is always seeking shift basic tasks from manual processes to automated ones, allowing for personnel more time to focus on the safety and security of their surroundings and those who are within them.

3. Facial recognition

Previously facial recognition and facial scanning technology were only used in government and companies with heightened security needs. Nowadays, facial recognition has not only become more practical for general business use it has become common place and even used on our smartphones. Slowly and steadily, this technology is being introduced at workplaces and neighborhoods. Many organizations and companies have replacing keycards with facial recognition systems.

The future of surveillance is an integration of not only audio and video but uses facial recognition to help identify all individuals on premises. 

4. High-resolution CCTV with audio sensors 

In the past, CCTV only provided visual footage of the area under surveillance. High-resolution CCTV's now come retrofitted with audio sensors that are designed to recognize particular sounds such as; glass breaking, gunshots, drilling, and keywords from voices such as “help”..  Today’s CCTV's are also able to provide sharper images: 1080p and even 4k resolution which allows for clearer surveillance and identification.


Technology has brought about positive changes to the security guard industry which has heightened people's confidence across the country. Industry surveys have proved that companies, organizations, and communities who have embrace advanced security technology are safer. If you are a business owner, property or organizational manager, you should never overlook an opportunity to upgrade your security guards with the latest technology. 

Make sure you read our other articles for more insights. At Sentry Security, we employ professionals and veterans from the army and police force. Similarly, our highly trained security guards are well versed and capable of using high tech devices and equipment. You can learn more about the different services we offer or call our customer service helpline to speak with our representative. 

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