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The Benefits of Access Control Systems for Your Business

by Sentry Security - Published on 11/18/2020 02:00

Access Control System Advantages

What is an Access Control System? 

The access control system is an electronic system designed to control specific areas of your business. It can be used to control a computer's network limiting who should have access to a network. On-premises, Access Control System recognizes, authenticates, and authorizes entry of a person to enter the premises, giving you greater control and protection of entry points or specific locations within a business, ensuring that proper authorization and security are maintained within these specified areas. There are a variety of industries who can benefit from the use of access control systems:

Healthcare: Access control systems can protect critical systems areas such as IT rooms or even specific equipment racks from unauthorized access, keeping digital data, physical files, and equipment like MRI machines, and examination rooms secure.

Government: Security is of top priority for the government, be it local, national, or international. Access control systems reduce employees and lessen access to departments, confidential information, and more.

Educational Institutions: Schools, especially universities with large campuses, have multi-location security needs. An access control system facilitates and manages entry to both public and restricted sections on campus.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Small and medium-sized businesses can obtain the benefits of using an access control system with a scalable system to fit their needs. These systems can be used for storage areas to protect inventory, office areas to protect confidential information and areas where currency and high valuables are stored. All companies can find a solution that is best suited for their business's size and budget.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Following are the most considerable benefits of access control systems:

1. Traditional  Lock and Key: The use of traditional locks and keys have many drawbacks that do not properly protect a business. Keys can be remade, leaving firms vulnerable to unauthorized entry. An access control system saves time for those accessing restricted areas and also reduces the cost of having a locksmith make frequent visits to change locks to limited and confidential space.  Adding electronic security services provides a better access control system.

2. Records and Data: An access control system can provide robust, precise data on who enters and exits a building, room, or specified area, with the exact times of entry and exit.  This business tool can have multiple benefits; it can track that employees arrive and work when they are supposed to, If thefts or unauthorized access in specific office spaces occur, the system can provide the specific access time identifying the individual who had accessed the area last.

3. Protection Against Unwanted Visitors: Companies often need to prevent visitors from entering areas unnoticed on the premises, if it's manually secured, these areas are often overlooked allowing unauthorized entry into secure or hazardous areas. One of the significant benefits of utilizing an access control system is to help ensure that only authorized individuals with specific credentials can access specific areas.

4. Prevention Against Data Breaches: Financial records, health information, HIPPA and PCI compliance, and confidential client data are often overlooked as vulnerable areas. Access control systems can restrict access to these records and the IT rooms and networks where they are stored. Access to these areas should be limited to authorized individuals to avoid any type of data breach.

5. Security Standards: There are laws in place that companies need to follow for compliance with their data security policies. These often call for limitations on physical access to data. While the healthcare industry's security standards should meet the terms with HIPPA, most businesses and organizations are subject to the same regulations when storing information such as personal data, medical history, financial records, IT server data, etc. All confidential information should be protected and secured with an access control system which will help to fulfill the requirements that have been established.

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