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Ways to secure your construction site and keep it safe

by Sentry Security - Published on 8/14/2020 00:00

One might not be able to control the weather, but you can indeed manage your workers' safety and help prevent unauthorized entry and business loss. Hiring a security service company that operates within the St Louis metropolitan area can reduce risk at your construction site and help you concentrate more on tackling recent issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Below we have mentioned a few ways that can help to ensure the construction site safe with a security presence: 

1. Reducing the risk of theft   Expensive locks or perimeter fencing, often useless to a determined thief and the loss of building supplies and costly equipment can cause significant issues and delays at construction sites.Construction sites attract those who are looking for quick gains. When deployed at your construction site, security services can help to deter these instances, saving you time and money.A 24x7 on-site mobile security team not only helps to deter crime and protect your equipment, but it also helps to ensure your workers' safety and increase productivity. 

2. Access control  The construction site is often frequented by multiple contractors and workers from various locations. Keeping track of each and everyone entering your construction premises can be a  daunting task, that gives individuals easy access to enter the site. The easiest way to maintain construction site security is to ensure you control who can access the site, by reducing those opportunities. Maintaining secure points of entry can ease the burden on monitoring who is entering the site or premise. It also keeps unauthorized visitors from wandering onto the site.

Having an access control system monitored by Sentry Security can ensure that every worker is screened and provided with a security badge. Using smart card technology and badges can also increase the efficiency at points of entry while also recording the movement of the workers on site. This reduces the physical presence needed and allows our guards to be enlisted in securing or patrolling other vulnerable areas of the premises.

3. Damage reduction   Vandals can wreak havoc to a construction site, crippling work and even making the workers on-site feel insecure which can reduce productivity. Vandalism can also destroy customized equipment or other items that are not quickly and easily replaceable.This can have a significant impact, increasing work time and operating costs. Adding security guards, access control, monitoring systems, and proximity alarms can help to reduce the risk of vandalism to your construction site.

Hiring Sentry Security guard services will allow you to concentrate on your work schedules while our guards handle your site's security. Our guards and patrol officers are trained professionals and are often veterans from the military or ex-policemen. They are experts in their job and ensure the safety of you, your workers, and your property. Make a smart investment by hiring our services to protect your construction site.

Both commercial and residential clients trust sentry security services in the St Louis metropolitan area. Visit our online webpage for more insights on how you can secure your home,business, and construction site today!

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