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Compelling Business Elements that confirm you need security patrol

by Sentry Security - Published on 2/3/2020 05:36

Roving Patrol Security

Sustainability of growth and keeping employees, customers, and valuable assets safe from crime is integral to any business. Crime occurs even though business owners invest a huge amount of money securing the perimeter with fences and security lights. Therefore, hiring a trusted and professional security service company to protect your business from being the next victim of burglaries, theft, or vandalism, is a necessary step in securing your property.How will your business benefit from a regular security patrol service?

We at Sentry Security have listed some compelling business elements outlining the need for security patrol:

1. Local Crime Rate:

Many areas in St Louis Metropolitan experience varied changes in crime rates. Unknowingly your business might be at the epicenter of an area that is experiencing a spike in crime. During these spikes, there is an increased possibility of a crime occurring both overnight or even during daylight as criminals often target localized areas. This can cause your employees and vendors to feel highly unsafe and seek other locations or your competitors, outside of these areas to travel too. You have worked hard to gain the trust of your customers who may start avoiding a business they don’t feel safe in, resulting in losses. Hiring our security patrol service will help boost the safety of your business and create a positive atmosphere for your customers and employees. Having roving patrol security is a visual and physical deterrent to criminals that often makes them reconsider targeting your business.

Local police can take several minutes or even hours to reach your business building or property. Having a patrol service will ensure reduced reaction time may help your employees avoid having to confront these high-risk situations that they may not be trained for.

2. Entrances & Exits:

Many businesses have more than one entrance or exit such as residential, corporate and government buildings, or clubs, athletic areas, theaters, and TV or film studios. Your business can also have numerous buildings within a single compound having multiple points of entry and exit where unauthorized persons like vandals or criminals may try to exploit.

This is why having CCTV surveillance for your business is not enough. Monitoring multiple entrances over CCTV is very challenging, taking into consideration the different ways thieves can enter your facilities but you may need to combine that with a patrol service that will provide you with a more reliable and continuous monitoring presence.

A mobile patrol service will cover all entrances and exits as well as monitor the exterior of the premise such as HVAC ducts and windows. A patrol service will also act as a backbone to the existing CCTV security and help in safeguarding your business from intruders during the night and day.

3. Large & Multiple level or basement parking spaces:

A countless number of crimes occur in parking lots. Has your parking lot been a target of crimes in the past? Small parking usually doesn’t attract burglars or vandals. On the other hand, a large parking lot or multiple level basement parking lots are often the perfect scenario for a variety of acts of vandalism and crimes such as burglaries, breaking in windows, theft of belongings, or even grand theft.

Parking lot crimes can occur at any time but most often occur during busy times when your customers patronizing your business or when your employees are busy working hard for you. At night these crimes may also be heightened as unauthorized parties may think the premises have been left unattended. Fences and lights are just not enough to keep criminals away from vandalizing or taking advantage of the valuable property which your business relies on.

Employing a security patrol service will ensure every part of your parking, as well as your premise, is guarded closely keeping all your employees, vendors, and customers safe and your business running smoothly through the night or day.

Why let the thought of criminals and their plans for causing damage to your business affect you? At Sentry Security all of our armed & unarmed officers are fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured providing you with a wide range of security services, giving you the peace-of-mind to focus on your business.

Give us a call today to discuss  a security solution that your business needs.

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