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Security Guards for commercial and residential customers.


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Security Agency, Inc. has been providing all types of on-site security guards for commercial and residential customers throughout the metropolitan area for 40 years.

Sentry Security takes pride in being unique to the security field due to our extensive experience in all phases of security and the performance we demand of our personnel. We have a strict code concerning the efficiency, conduct, and appearance of our personnel.

All personnel are required to sign an agreement that covers conduct, uniform requirements, attendance, training, and performance of duties. They are also required to apply for and obtain a security license with the police department prior to being hired. This assures us that each individual has had a thorough background check. The police department will reject those that do not have a clean record.

Please email us your information to have a Sentry Security representative contact you immediately to help determine your needs.



Sentry Security was founded in the mid 1960’s by John R. (Dick) Mueller, Sr., a retired St. Louis Police Officer. He has been dedicated to the success of the company and is an active member of the operation to this date.



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