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Security Officer of the Year 2017

Earleane Strother – Cathedral Towers

Earleane Strother – Cathedral Towers

The staff at Sentry Security Agency has selected Officer Earleane Strother as the Security Officer of the Year. Officer Strother has earned this prestigious award because of her strong work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Strother is being recognized for her persistence and extraordinary performance while on duty at Cathedral Towers.  Earlene is one of our longest tenured employees.  Earlean will be celebrating her 16th anniversary in June.  On behalf of us all…Thank You!!  

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Published on: 1/10/2018 00:00

Officer of the Month

Sentry Officer of the Month

Each month Sentry Security highlights an Officer of the Month who exemplifies the qualities that have become synonymous with the professionalism that Sentry Security strives for.

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Published on: 10/1/2016 15:50

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